When both of us fired up the undefined this year both of us got a surprise

When both of us first started up our central component this year for the summer, both of us were in for a absolutely disappointing surprise.

See, both of us hadn’t even so much as looked at the component for weeks at that point.

We tend to completely forget about the central component in our condo when the weather starts cooling off in the fall. I think that you’re supposed to keep an eye on your Heating plus A/C system all year long. You’re supposed to keep it clean, dusted, and free of debris just so that nothing disappointing will happen to it when you honestly do need to use it when the weather starts heating up again in the Springtime. We are disappointing about that, though. Out of sight, out of mind seems to be our mantra when it comes to our unit. Anyway, both of us had not even thought about our component at all and then when both of us made the decision to go to turn it on for the first time, there was a odd sizzling sound that both of us could hear through the floors from the basement. Then suddenly, there was a disappointing smell that came floating up through the air vents. I sent our husband down to the basement immediately to see what the issue was and he came running back upstairs, looking almost orange in the face. I asked him what in the world had happened and he said that a couple of raccoons had somehow moved into the basement and made a nest in the unit. Turning it on had been the end of the raccoons! I feel both of us should do better at taking care of our Heating plus A/C system.


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