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Back when I was a child residing in the southern area of the country, there weren’t truly multiple places around that had central I wasn’t absolutely too aware that there was such a lovely invention as back then, though. I mean, I had gone inside the giant bank building with our father a couple of times and I knew that there was definitely some reason that it was so cold inside the bank in the middle of the summer. The first time that I went into the bank with our dad, the temperatures outside were in the nineties. It was so warm that morning and all I could feel about was going beach condo and cooling off in the shade. Imagine our surprise when our dad and I walked inside those giant double bank doors and it was freezing cold inside! I bet the had it about twenty degrees cooler inside of the lobby than it was outside. For a little girl, this was pretty shocking. I asked our dad why it was so cold in there and he told me that it was because of something called central I never forgot that moment when I first felt the wonder of central , then now that I’m an aged lady, I still feel about it now and then whenever I come inside after a warm morning in the sun. I’m glad that these mornings, pretty much everyone have It makes life much easier when you’re residing in the southern states where it gets so hot.


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