It’s always a great idea to get a beach condo warranty

If you ask me, it’s always a absolutely great idea to get a beach condo warranty when you are buying a house; You just never think what’s going to happen once you sign on that dotted line.

I almost made a horrible mistake when both of us bought our condo a few years ago because I was so freaked out about spending so much cash on the beach condo mortgage. Seeing all of those zeroes on the loan application and the paperwork for the condo itself absolutely freaked me out. So whenever the agent asked me if I was interested in signing up for the beach condo warranty on top of that, of course I immediately said no. I wasn’t interested in spending a single more dime on top of what both of us were already spending. However, luckily, our husband was there and he’s much smarter about this stuff than I am. He said that if both of us had a beach condo warranty and something went wrong with the heating, cooling, and ventilation system in the condo then the beach condo warranty would cover the cost to repair it. I wasn’t sure about that, however I did think that the oil gas furnace and the central component in the condo that both of us were buying wasn’t the newest nor the most high quality, however that’s why I told him to go ahead and get the beach condo warranty. Boy, am I glad he talked me into it! Less than a year after both of us moved into our house, the gas furnace broke down and both of us ended up having to get a brand new a single. Then the next summer, the central component went on the blink. I can’t imagine how much both of us would have had to pay if both of us didn’t buy that beach condo warranty!


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