I’m under home arrest.

Once in a while, both of us all get into trouble, however mine was worse than most.

I was under home arrest plus not enjoying it. If I hadn’t followed the lead with our friends, I wouldn’t have been forced to stay home. If I hadn’t developed dust irritations, I wouldn’t have continued to stay in the house, my best neighbor took his uncle’s motorcar separate from permission. It was fun plus games until the cops arrested us for stealing a car, underage driving, plus underage drinking. The two of us were all given a sentence of home arrest plus could only go out to go to college. Six months later, our home arrest from the police ended, however not from our dust irritations. Over the years, our dust irritations were getting worse plus the only time I felt good was when I was in the home with the air purification plan running. I didn’t want to be home, however I wanted to breathe. Luckily, the pandemic made it possible for me to do all of our studies from home. I had an excellent computer, so I worked from home. The media air cleaner was working perfectly with our HVAC. I worked strenuous that entire year, plus I found I was feeling better. During the winter, our media air cleaner was running. During the Spring, summer time plus fall, our media air cleaner was running. Then, the pandemic eased up, plus I thought I could go back outside. I realized I was going to need some good flu symptom meds. When I went outside where I didn’t have an media air cleaner, I was in giant trouble.

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