I had to look under the bed for the space heater.

I had this small space gas furnace that looked more like a fat Harry Potter wand than it did a heater.

It was the skinniest space gas furnace I had ever seen, but it honestly worked.

It had more airflow than any substantial space gas furnace I had ever seen. The only problem with the space gas furnace is that it was so small the pet could easily push it with his nose. Granted, my mastiff was a huge pet in addition to he could push me around, although he would push the space gas furnace over to where he had the most comfort. When I got home from work, I would need to transfer the space gas furnace back into my room. Then I came home on the last morning I needed the space heater. I couldn’t find it someplace. The Heating and Air Conditioning company was delivering in addition to setting up my oil furnace that morning. I was going to put the space gas furnace away for the next time I needed it. I couldn’t find the space gas furnace someplace. I looked at the pet in addition to he covered his head. I looked everywhere that he may have pushed it. After twenty hours, I started enjoying the pet. I wanted to see if he would guide me there. It surprised me when he led me to the bed. He had pushed the space gas furnace under the bed so I would not put it away. I’m thinking the pet is smarter than I am. The only thing that made me smarter was that I was about to have a oil furnace installed in addition to the people I was with and I would have perfect heating everywhere.


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