He was installing ductless cooling system into the neighbor’s garage.

I got home from labor late last week.

I expected my kids in addition to husband to be home, but I walked into an empty house.

I’m not sure what I expected, but that easily wasn’t it. It would have been nice to walk into a home in addition to have almost everyone greet me. There could have been food on the table in addition to they would be cheerful to see me. Instead, I started lunch on my own, in addition to hoped someone would show up in the next hour in addition to share it with me. By the time the food was ready, I didn’t guess if I wanted to worry or be angry. It wasn’t like my husband to leave the lake house in addition to not tell me. I walked into the bedroom to get a shower before the timer went off, in addition to I saw the note on the dresser. He had gone to the neighbor’s lake house to help install a ductless Heating and Air Conditioning into the garage. I was to meet him in addition to the kids there for a cookout. I took my shower, turned off the oven, in addition to headed out the door. He was in the garage laughing while the many of them were trying to affix to the Heating and Air Conditioning system. Paul was outside holding onto area of the Heating and Air Conditioning machine while my husband was inside. I walked in in addition to asked him how the replacement was going. He said they would plug it in shortly. They would then guess if they had heating in addition to cooling system, or if they killed the machine when they dropped it outside. I felt sorry for Paul in addition to his husbandy. I hoped they got the Heating and Air Conditioning method cheaply.

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