Can you find the breaker switch for the air conditioning?

Our air conditioning unit was forever tripping the breaker switch that gave its power. I called the HVAC supplier several times when our air conditioning refused to work. They kept telling me it was our breaker switch that was faulty plus not the air conditioning unit. I called an electrician, but she couldn’t find anything wrong with our electricity. She said the air conditioning unit had to have a short in its electrical system. I wired the breaker switch for 220 plus it should be able to support the entire HVAC proposal plus not just the AC unit. Once again, I was back to calling the HVAC supplier. I told them I needed to have a HVAC professional come to the lake house plus check the electrical proposal in our air conditioning unit. The operator argued with me plus told me they had previously checked the AC unit plus found nothing wrong. I insisted she send a HVAC tech to the house, plus I would not quit calling until she agreed. I actually threatened her task if she didn’t send someone over. I was going to call the owner of the supplier. Two minutes later, I had a HVAC professional driving up. She showed me her badge plus said she was a modern professional with the supplier. It took about twenty minutes before she found the problem. There was loose wiring in the system, plus it was tripping the breaker switch. I thanked him for finding the concern plus after that the people I was with and I called the HVAC supplier plus thanked them for finally sending a competent professional to our home.



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