My cat took over the air vent.

When my girlfriend moved in, she brought her cat with her. I wasn’t a lover of cats and I never wanted one in my house, but what could I say? I didn’t want her to be angry at me, so when she brought Fluff Fluff with her, I welcomed her. I was getting to where I was okay with it when winter came. I had my recliner close to the register so that when I got home from work, I could take a nap and get warm. I worked outside all year round. This year was starting out slightly differently. I got home from work, turned up the thermostat and sat down in my chair, and had no extra heating. The cat was lying on the register with her hair blowing all around her. When I tried to move it, she hissed at me. I couldn’t believe that a cat would hiss at the person who fed her and gave her warmth. I was angry, and I hissed back. She cowered, but she didn’t move off the air vent. I went to physically pick her up, and she tried to claw me. I was so angry that I went into the closet and grabbed the broom. I paid for the fuel that kept the furnace running and I was going to enjoy the heat. When the cat saw the broom, she took off and landed in my chair. I figured if you can’t beat them, join them and I sat in the chair with her. That must have been when our relationship changed. Now, she sits in my lap every time I sit down to nap. We now share the heat from the air vent.

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