Eldery people should not install heated flooring into their homes

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for many years, and I’ve come to get to know a lot of my neighbors.

We usually like to get together every so often to catch up on things that are happening in the neighborhood.

It’s not meant to be a gossip hour, but sometimes people just like to talk. Most of the time we just share information that would be important to know for safety reasons. At our last meeting, I found out that the elderly couple down the street from me both suffered severe burns due to the heated flooring they had installed in their home. We all knew it was going to be a brutal winter season, and the local HVAC company took the opportunity to market new heated flooring for a discounted price. I guess the couple fell for the bait and had the heated flooring installed just before we had a major snow storm. They had turned the heater on and the floors began to warm up, but one of the husbands accidentally turned the temperature up too high because he didn’t have his glasses on. They got the heated flooring because they wanted to be able to walk barefoot around their house again, so they were walking around when they noticed the floor beneath them starting to warm up quickly. They couldn’t walk fast, so they rushed as fast as they could across the heated floors to find cool relief. By the time they reached the carpet, they both had red burns on the bottom of their feet. I felt so bad that they spent the holiday in the hospital.


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