Electricity companies will forgive your bill if you provide you air conditioner is broken

My landlord is one of the meanest people that I have ever met.

I never actually met her in person because she was out of town at the time I moved in, so we only spoke through text.

When I met her in person for the first time, I told that I felt like the air conditioner wasn’t working properly. She completely ignored me so I had to beg her for the air conditioning technician’s phone number. Our air vents had been leaking so much air that our electric bill was more than doubled what it should have been. I asked our landlord to provide a letter stating that our air conditioner was indeed broken based on the quality report from the technician. She refused to give me a letter, so I had to contact the electric company and explain why our bill shows that our air conditioning usage was so high. It turns out that our electric company has an A/C forgiveness program. They have their own air conditioning experts that can do a consultation at your home where they check your HVAC to ensure there is a problem. They won’t actually do the repair, but they can confirm your appeal to have your bill reduced. I wondered if more electric companies had similar programs, and it turns out most of them at least have an air conditioning education program for their technicians. I love to see that electric programs care so much to expand their knowledge on common household appliances that would impact our electricity usage. I was so happy to tell my landlord about it and laugh in her face when my bill was cut in half.

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