Tips on how to save money when your air conditioning breaks

When I was in college, I worked three different jobs to pay for my tuition. I barely slept all week and always smelled like french fry grease, but I walked out of college with zero college debt. Even though I feel like college took time off of my life, I learned so many valuable skills while trying to be frugal and count my pennies. I taught myself how to complete household tasks, like minor air conditioning or air filter repairs. When I moved into a house, I already knew so much about air conditioners and how to save money if something breaks. You’ll first want to check your lease for any information about the air conditioning system, and see if you can find a loophole that would allow for the landlord to pay for the repair instead of the tenant. Then you’ll want to privately have an HVAC contractor come to do an inspection to determine what the cause of the problem is. This will give you the leverage you need when you present the a/c problem to an electric company, if needed. If your air conditioner is causing your electric bill to go high, some companies have a program that will lower the costs of your bill with an official inspection statement. I’d recommend hiring your own contractor instead of using the electric company’s because they don’t always have the best standards or requirements. Some people said that I simply had learned to cheat the system, but I choose to believe that I like to uncover the truth that the companies don’t want us to know. We work hard for our money, so we should be in control of it.