Air conditioning repairs shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for twenty years, and I’ve built close relationships with many of my neighbors.

  • We get together once a month with a potluck, and it’s always a good time! We have even invited some of our neighborhood repairmen one time.

I’ve gotten pretty close with our air conditioning technician. He’s great, and carries so much knowledge about HVAC systems and air filters. We’ve been lucky to have him around for our maintenance and repairs over the years. But I am constantly getting on him about the cost of the bill when we have an unexpected repair. His prices for minor repairs have tripled since he started working in our neighborhood. I really don’t think that technicians should be allowed to adjust the cost of a repair so frequently, let alone such a big difference. My husband is retired and so we pray that our air conditioner stays in one piece so that we don’t have to dip too far into our savings. I also think that our technician should have a senior discount for those of us who make too little to cover the costs of repairs and maintenance. Even though our a/c technician is incredibly nice, he could consider lowering his prices. It can be really stressful when worrying about finances at our age. I hope that my grandchildren put themselves in better positions so that they don’t have to worry about it. We still love our neighborhood and would recommend living there to anyone. Just make sure you develop a good relationship with all of your technicians.
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