There was no more dust in the house after cleaning the AC filter

Carol loved her new home.

It was in the best part of town and close to all the amenities she needed.

The move had been sudden but necessary to begin her new job. At first, she was scared and unsure of how life would be in the new city. But, after talking with her dad, she went ahead with it. It was a chance to see her career grow. Luckily, she found a good home and moved in immediately. A year later, her housekeeper kept complaining about the amount of dust in the house. Though it was summer, she’d clean and still find a layer of dust later. Carol decided to take the matter seriously and called an AC technician. She suspected the air conditioner was somehow responsible for all the dust in the house. It was too hot to shut off the HVAC unit, so she kept it running throughout. But, Carol had never had an aircon expert over to perform air conditioning unit maintenance. She’d explained her predicament to her colleague, and he suggested she contact an HVAC company. The HVAC expert arrived at her home early one Saturday morning when she wasn’t at work. He asked her a few questions about the air ventilation system in her home then got to work. Next, he checked the indoor unit. It was a quality HVAC model but hadn’t been touched since Carol moved to the house. Inside, there was a layer of gunk that needed cleaning. Eventually, the HVAC mechanic got to the bottom of the matter. The air filter was clogged with dirt. All the home AC needed was a thorough cleaning and a few repairs to be in tip-top shape. The air conditioner professional washed the air filter, cleaned the central heating and cooling unit, and did some minor AC repairs. From that day, the housekeeper never again complained the house was getting dirty fast.


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