Enjoying current pared down living situation

So I genuinely mixed it up here lately. And the past year was the impetus for the whole thing. It was the fact that I was sent cabin to work in the a/c at cabin without a ton of distraction. There wasn’t a night life plus I couldn’t genuinely even hang with our friends. I have an underlying health condition that made it better to stick to the safety on our own heating plus cooling. All of this sort coalesced into a easily real reflection stage for me. Things slowed down plus I slowed down with them. To get out of the a/c I would take long nature walks. This turned into time spent meditating plus I even started doing yoga online. I realized that toiling at what I did in the perfectly Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tested office was not our authentic passion. And I genuinely wasn’t sure that if I didn’t go for it now, during our mid 30’s, I would ever go for it. I was blissful I had saved much of the money I received over the last 15 years. I spent some on a ploy of land. Then I brought in a basic prefabricated small out building. This was going to be where I lived so I could devote myself to our art. It’s such a basic way of living plus I appreciate it. However, I did have the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company come out to put in a ductless heat pump. I figured heating plus cooling along with indoor plumbing was too lavish for our current approach to life plus work.


Help with indoor comfort