This past Winter saw myself and others get the most from Heating and A/C heating

I’m still studying how to live here.

There is legitimately a cultural difference along with a geographical and temperature difference.

The temperature is perhaps the most different. The Winter is the focus for sure. And that’s because is seems near never ending to me. The gas furnace kicks on in October and can keep heating even into late May or early May. That’s a lot of Heating and A/C heating. Even more so when you have my perspective. Heating during the Winter meant maybe a few cycles of heating from the heat pump in the day. Or perhaps, the heat pump felt fantastic some crisp, cool evenings. But nothing even remotely the same as what I experience now. And to that end, I’m getting much better about mitigating the Heating and A/C heating costs. The first year I was hear, the gas furnace ran all the time and I entirely didn’t even try to control the control unit. I was simply trying to survive and actemperature to the cold. The next winter, I did better with the control component and it showed up in Heating and A/C heating. Still, I wanted to bring those costs down even more. That meant entirely preparing the condo for winter. And that’s all about sealing it up narrow to keep the Heating and A/C heating in and the frosty out. It took some free time to get that done. I changed out all the weather stripping. The ancient storm doors were replaced. And the last few single paned windows on the hour floor were replace with double paned windows. I added some insulation and made sure there were no gaps on the exterior of my condo that weren’t filled in. And I saved a bunch more on Heating and A/C heating costs this past winter.



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