Getting back to health with help from HVAC technology

Okay, so that saying about when it rains, it pours is pretty dang accurate.

  • I spent the better area of the last year sucking up the air conditioner inside my house.

I did this in order to slow the spread of Covid & be sure that I reMained virus free. I wasn’t taking my possibilities so overdosing on HVAC comfort was what it had to be. So then, I get vaccinated & am just starting to enjoy a bit of the outdated life & bang. I’m hit hard in a traffic accident. Of course, once I got out of the hospital, I was right back to the air conditioner of my house. And that’s going to be the way it is for the summer. My body is pretty banged up & has a lot of healing to do. So it will be a combination of brutal physical therapy sessions followed by lots of rest. This wasn’t so terrible until the heat of summer time truly settled in. And around here, there is a big difference in tepid & summer time hot. Summer tepid means that you’re basically inside some sort of HVAC cooling by supper & at least until close to sundown. Of course that means the home heat truly begins to fluctuate. And when just getting to the washroom is a substantial chore, managing the temperature control all afternoon is a no go. Thankfully, the two of us have a smart temperature control & it’s usually spot on as far as adjustments. But if I need to adjust the temperature control manually, I have an app on my iPhone that can do just that.

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