HVAC comfort & exercise meet

All it truly took was just a pandemic to get me to finally take my health seriously.

Right away, I knew that trying to get back in shape was going to be a process & not an overnight one either. Just because I felt 30 in my head, didn’t mean I didn’t have a 55 year outdated body. And that body had been neglected with far too much time spent on my butt inside the air conditioner. Once they closed up our offices & I started laboring from inside the HVAC security of home, I knew that this was my option to get on track with my health & fitness. But I was smart enough to start with the basics & ease into it. I didn’t want a series of injuries & disadvantages to plague my fitness efforts. So I started out by just getting out of the HVAC to take a walk. And one walk a afternoon turned into. Then, I started with the diet & making sure that I was getting the rest that I needed. It took 6 weeks, even though I truly started to see a difference… This led me to take it up another notch. I started to buy used exercise device & set up a gym in the basement. Getting down there to labor out just wasn’t that great. And this was due to the fact that the basement had no HVAC. If I didn’t do something about heating & cooling my new apartment gym, I knew that I’d use it as an excuse not to workout. So I called the HVAC company who then installed a ductless mini cut in my apartment gym. Now I’ll even linger a bit once my workout is complete so I can just hang out in the air conditioner a bit.
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