Heating and cooling all in one

The simpler my life is, the better it seems to be. And I’ve done it both ways. There was a time when my life was super complicated. But it was that way mainly because I had so many appetites. Plus, I was so driven to succeed in a material way in order to satisfy all those appetites. I had to have the finest of everything or so my ego told me. That meant plush offices with zone controlled HVAC. I just had to have my own thermostat in my office. This was like some sort of amenity that I could point to as an indication that I had really made it. This sort of thinking spilled over to my home life as well. And soon enough, I found myself basically alone with a bunch of really nice stuff to keep me company. Inevitably, I realized that I was much better off living a life of simple pleasures and good relationships. All the stuff in the world doesn’t mean anything when it comes to friends, family and loved ones. That simplicity can also be applied to the heating and cooling in my house. I don’t have any sort of zoned controlled HVAC in my home or office. But then again, my office is now in my home. I get my heating and cooling from one piece of HVAC technology and that’s simple like I like it. That HVAC unit is a heat pump. It’s made for HVAC cooling more than anything which suits where I live perfectly. But when I need that bit of heating in the winter, I don’t have to look any further than that same heat pump.


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