Went for a nice ductless mini split installation

I was kind of back and forth when I was trying to get a new HVAC system.

I didn’t know if we should get radiant heated floors, a geothermal HVAC, or a ductless mini split.

The HVAC professional kept saying good things about the ductless mini split. He said these systems were not overly expensive, but they had great energy efficiency and they were pretty straightforward to install. He said that I could save a few thousand dollars just going for that type of HVAC installation as opposed to some of the more serious systems. He told me about the high SEER rating which was 24, and he said it was hard to find something better for the price. I still was unsure so he said he would give him a call if I wanted to proceed with the new HVAC installation. When I eventually called, I finally told the guy that I wanted to go for the ductless mini split. He provided me with the quote and then I was hesitant again. I knew I could afford it but I wasn’t sure if I was getting the best deal. Then he told me not to put any pressure on me, but there was only one triple zone ductless mini split in stock that was perfect for my home. The pressure really was on and so I committed to going for the ductless mini split installation. The HVAC professionals were completed with the job after only a few hours, and the new HVAC system is actually really nice. It works surprisingly well and I can’t believe how low my energy bills are now. I’m happy that I went for this new HVAC installation.



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