Went to the tattoo parlor

When my buddy wanted to go to a local tattoo parlor, I didn’t think anything of it.

I figured I would just get something small tatted on my arm or something.

Well, as soon as I stepped into the joint, it was amazing. The first thing I noticed was the fantastic air quality. In most places I go to, the air quality is not nearly as nice. The temperature control settings were perfect and I felt like I could live at this place. I took my time checking out different tattoos and I considered getting something that would really mean something to me. For me, I thought about my old cat who was hit by a car. I miss that cat so much and I thought it would be appropriate to have a picture of him on my shoulder with his name underneath. I was able to pull up one of my favorite pictures of my cat and I let the tattoo artist focus on the picture so he would have a strong mental image and be able to duplicate the picture on my shoulder. I didn’t even care how long the tattoo took, I was just relaxing with the perfect air conditioning inside this place. I also appreciated the music they were playing, it was like a psychedelic funky beat and it was very pleasant just being here getting this tattoo that actually meant something to me. When all was done, my buddy thought my tattoo was awesome. I had to admit, the artist nailed the picture and I love it!



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