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I’m so grateful that a few weeks ago I invested heavily in upgrading my heating plus cooling plan at my house; For numerous years the central Heating plus Air Conditioning plan had been steadily declining energy efficiency plus overall air quality.

No matter how numerous times I called out the local Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman, she could never seem to improve my slowly degrading air quality control equipment.

For years, she recommended that I replace my air handling plan to a more modern Heating plus Air Conditioning plan. Of course, I couldn’t afford to purchase brand modern heating plus cooling equipment, or else I wouldn’t be so desperately trying to keep this sinking ship afloat. I put off the large Heating plus Air Conditioning overhaul for over 5 years, before finally pulling the trigger a few weeks ago. Thank God I did, because instantly afterwards the COVID-19 pandemic began. I’ve been spending more time with my high quality indoor air than I ever could have expected. Every afternoon when I wake up plus believe ice cold air streaming freely from my air vents, I am blissful that I made this enormous investment in my indoor air conditions control. In fact, I liked it so much that my Heating plus Air Conditioning plan is now impeding my plans with other people. Earlier this week, I was going to drive 1200 miles to visit my Dad while I have this mandatory time away from work. I was more than one thirds into the trek when she called me plus said her AC plan had stopped working 5 hours earlier. She was trying to get an Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman out to the modern home to repair the busted air quality control equipment, but the local heating plus cooling shop was booked solid. I thought about her broken AC component for about a single moment before I turned my car around. I told my Dad to let me guess when she had air conditioning again.

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