Ductless heat pump is ideal for master bedroom remodel

The two of us recently enlarged the master bedroom in our home.

  • The two of us tore down some walls to combine the existing bedroom with an exterior back porch.

The two of us needed to close in the porch, update windows as well as add insulation, then one of the greatest debates was over how to manage temperature control. Our home is outfitted with a forced air oil furnace as well as central air conditioner. The HVAC duct doesn’t extend to the back porch area. Once both of us combined the bedroom as well as the porch, the number of supply vents were not sufficient to manage consistent temperature control. Adding on to the HVAC duct would have been an especially invasive, lavish as well as messy project. The two of us hoped to find something a little more convenient, affordable as well as simple. I consulted with a local Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C business who recommended the installation of a ductless mini split. This type of system is especially compact as well as adaptable. It relies on an outdoor compressor linked by way of a tightconduit to an indoor air handler that mounts up high on the wall. The indoor air handler combines both heating as well as cooling capacity as well as includes an independent temperature control. This allows us to customize the temperature in the master bedroom without affecting the rest of the house; Despite its small size as well as simplicity of installation, the ductless component is surprisingly powerful. It’s able to maintain ideal comfort no matter the severity of the outdoor weather. It handles sub zero conditions as well as high heat as well as humidity. The heat pump operates very quietly, effectively filters contaminants out of the air as well as is super energy efficient. It features something called inverter technology that automatically adjusts speed to meet changing demands as well as maximize cost savings.

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