Added A/C to our cabin after 35 years

Trust me, HVAC cooling is the least of our worries in this house. For 1, all of us live so far north that we’re almost in Canada. That means our summers are normally actually nice. Sure, it gets sizzling while in the day and occasionally even a bit hot. But it’s never been enough for us to have an A/C. My wifey and I have been in this condo for 35 years and not once have all of us had HVAC cooling. Well that is until now. My wifey has slowed down considerably and spends a lot of her day inside the house. She has been after myself and others for A/C for years now. So this past year all of us added central A/C to the HVAC in our home. I have to say that it does a great job and is far more efficient than I thought it would be. Paying a bunch for HVAC cooling was not something I wanted to do. I spend enough money just heating this condo while in our winters. And those winters are long, frosty and heating costs are upscale. That’s why I was actually gratified when I got the first electric bill after all of us started with the A/C. It certainly didn’t jack the bill up all that much. Along with the A/C, I also purchased a cover for the current HVAC lodgeet outside. With our winters, I sure don’t want the weight of all that snow and ice sitting on the HVAC equipment. And who knows when 1 of those huge icicles will break loose and hit the HVAC as well. All in all, I’m please with the addition of the A/C.

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