Zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning gives spouse complete control

It’s wonderful to be in a nice partnership with my spouse.

There are many couples who don’t have it nearly as easy as the two of us do.

I hear all the time from colleagues and friends who go on about the difficulties they face in their marriage. Both of us particularly put effort into our relationship. But it hasn’t ever seemed like work. I toil a lot inside the confines of a perfectly Heating and Air Conditioning diagnosed office downtown. My spouse, on the other hand, works from the a/c comfort of our home. She is a writer and has an office at apartment where she spends her afternoons. Both of us are tied up so when the two of us have free time, the two of us like to get out of all that heating and cooling to go be impulsive and explore. But when the two of us are in the house, there is a single thing I believe full well and l earned early on. My spouse is in charge of the Heating and Air Conditioning control unit setting. This is her domain and I simply am along for the ride. This is due to the fact that, by some unusual biology, she is hyper sensitive to temperature fluctuation. I don’t think, until recently, I have even seen her when she wasn’t in at least 3 layers. This is so she can adjust to whatever control unit setting she runs into. Now that the two of us have zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning in our home, she might even rock just a t-shirt. That’s because she can set all of the zone control control units to make the apartment exactly perfect for her. I like to see how much she has enjoyed having the zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning. And I like getting to see her arms every once in a while!

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