Take your time with HVAC

When you’re building a house, it’s best to start the process years in advance.

At least that’s something that we learned from the second time we built a house.

The first time we had a house built, it was pure chaos. There were times when I would get updates on problems with the build at my office. I would get so frustrated that I would put my face right in front of the HVAC cooling vent and try to just calm down. Unfortunately, that first house was just an ongoing slew of troubles, miscalculations and finding solutions on the fly. We were lucky though as we did get a great house we were comfortable in for quite a while. But when we chose to do a build project again, we really thought it through. There were plenty of late nights in the air conditioning of our home going over home building software on a laptop. We designed, redesigned and planned for years before we took our plans to an architect. Even once we had the general contractor on board, we took our time even still. We lined up people in advance like the HVAC contractor because we wanted to know who we were dealing with prior to being deep in the project. Our HVAC contractor was excellent and we were very pleased with his heating and cooling expertise. Additionally, he was super organized and very professional as well. The resulting HVAC unit we now enjoy is proof that we chose the right HVAC professional. The heating and cooling in our new home is simply the best either of us have ever experienced.


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