Not owning my own HVAC isn’t the best

It all came flooding back to me just days after we moved into our temporary rental situation.

I had forgotten about the limitations of renting and I got a full dose of it just as soon as we moved in.

We are in the middle of summer here and it’s hot. However, the HVAC equipment in this rented condo appears to be overwhelmed, overmatched, old or a combination of all three. And this took me back immediately to the days prior to homeownership when I had to deal with the very same thing with apartment living. But at least this is just temporary. My wife and I just sold our house and are in a bit of a holding pattern for the next 8 months or so. Once the kids were all out of the house and established on their own, we knew that selling that house was the best thing to do. So we called out an HVAC contractor, a kitchen renovation company and various other folks to help us with renovating. The HVAC contractor was great and we upgraded the heating and cooling equipment to a zone controlled HVAC with a smart thermostat. I got to enjoy that combination of HVAC technology for almost six months before we closed on the sale of the house. And man, was that ever the best quality heating and air experience of my life. The thought of having that sort of HVAC unit again is what keeps me going with regard to our current situation. I guess I’ll just be getting accustomed to being warm this summer and I’ll have to buy some new fans.


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