Excitement as the HVAC technician comes home for repairs

Mom left that day with strict guidelines, then i wasn’t allowed to leave the home until all the repairs were done, then all of us had dealers now working in the backyard to mend the fence.

A large storm had blown the area off.

It left a gap that exposed the home to the neighbors. The business was busy figuring out how to make the fence stronger to avoid similar complications in the future, and later that day, the heating, ventilation, & A/C repair person was coming for the annual A/C tune-up. I couldn’t wait because I enjoyed seeing him do the task on the a/c equipment. It was our goal to study the same course in trade university the following year. When I saw the heating, ventilation, & A/C van pull up, I met the A/C worker at the door, then he started by checking the temperature control then I switched off the air ventilation unit. The a/c had been making some noise which mom was concerned about. I assumed that the air filter was clogged. But, I wanted to hear the opinion of the A/C expert. He began taking apart the indoor cooling unit. My thoughts were respected because the air filter had lots of debris & dirt. It clogged respected air distribution in & out of the house, causing the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system to make noise. Luckily, the situation wasn’t worse since mom had contacted the A/C company about the annual aircon repair as stated in the repair contract. After cleaning the air filter, the A/C professional began checking the wiring then proceeded to replace the capacitor. After that, the people I was with and I headed to the outdoor Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system. It was inside a breathable shed which kept it safe from the elements & our cats. There wasn’t much wrong with it, so the people I was with and I went back inside, fixed the air filter, & turned the a/c back on.
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