Traffic accident slows down work drive

It usually takes 30 minutes to drive to work each morning.

It’s a 13 Mile Journey, but a lot of the drive is through town.

I always try to leave the house with plenty of time to spare. I set my alarm for 6, so I can have a cup of coffee, two eggs, toast, and an English muffin. I try to leave the house at 7, so I get to work a bit early. If there is a minimal amount of traffic, I can still arrive to work with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, sometimes there are traffic incidents that can hold up cars for hours. This morning I was on my way to work. I was only 2 miles away from the shop when I saw all of the cars start to slow down. I was close enough to the accident to see all of the cars involved. Thankfully, I was far enough away that I could slow down without hitting anyone. One of the vehicles in the accident was an HVAC repair truck. It was turned upside down on the highway. It was sitting next to a small Ford that looked like an accordion. I don’t know if the HVAC repair truck caused the accident or not, but the truck was clearly damaged more severely than the car. I waited in traffic for 2 hours, before the entire scene was cleaned up. When traffic started to move, I noticed two more vehicles in the median. They were just as broken and mangled as the HVAC repair truck and the car.