Painting the house

If you are going to be painting the inside of your home any time in the near future, one thing you want to think about is ventilation and the air quality.

The first thing to control the air quality from the paint fumes is to make sure you are painting during the time of the year when you can open up the windows.

Never do this in the super hot summer months because you will not be able to properly ventilate. The fumes would just get up into the central air conditioning system and circulate throughout the house making it even more toxic and dangerous. So what you need to do is have all windows opened, and then also on top of that, you will want to buy a few portable air purification systems. By having the windows opened and running a portable air purification system or 2, this will not only clean the indoor air quality, but it will make it so that you can return to your home in less than twenty four hours after painting. The cross ventilation from the windows being opened plus the double portable air purification systems running, this will speed things up majorly in getting that indoor air quality back to normal following painting the inside of a home. Especially if it is only one or 2 rooms instead of the whole house. But even in the case of a whole home paint job, you just open more windows and buy additional portable air purification systems, and it will have the same exact effect and clean that indoor air quality back to normal in no time at all!



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