I got a tour of our brother’s truck when he went independent

My brother has been driving truck for a long time now, but I never got a tour of his truck until recently… I mean, I would see him from time to time when he would visit, but he never offered myself and others a tour of his truck until he bought his own as well as went independent.

I guess he loved using the previous trucks he would drive, but now he had pride in his new truck because it was something he personally owned. It has a pretty big cab, much larger than I thought it would be from checking the outside. He has a comfortable bed in there with a big screen cable as well as everything is set up pretty nice… The most awesome thing is easily the temperature control system. He easily has a solar panel set up to assist the rig with providing extra cooling power as well as he has a ductless mini cut set up inside. He’s even able to power his air conditioning system method when the truck is not even running which is a pretty amazing thing, but he has to be careful not to drain the batteries when he’s operating his temperature control method through the evening or on cloudy afternoons, and even so, he still has his built in temperature control method which is also nice, but of course the cooling method uses extra fuel, so he prefers to use the ductless mini cut whenever he can. He even said both of us should watch a film in his cab, but I had to pass on that. Honestly, I would rather go to the film theatres.


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