My father plus I only have a single thing in common; stargazing

I guess for the most part, my father plus I never had too much in common! But there was a single thing that the two of us shared that I always looked forward to over the years; stargazing.

She had this honestly extravagant telescope plus the two of us were able to see the planets plus stars so well.

All of us were even able to see the rings of Saturn plus all the moons as well! Over the years, she would collect modern telescopes plus the two of us always couldn’t wait to use them. Sometimes when the two of us would go stargazing, it would be entirely warm, periodically over 100 degrees at night, but during those times, the two of us always had to keep a portable cooling plan with us. Then periodically in the winter, it would be too cold, so those times the two of us had a portable furnace system. Eventually, I ended up buying my father a portable Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C that had both heating plus cooling functions, plus she has been using that ever since, especially when she goes stargazing. All of us don’t always get to go together, but the two of us still go to this afternoon. I will usually call up my father or he’ll call me up. I always make sure to ask him if he’s bringing the portable Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C. I ask him every time because there was a single time when she forgot plus the two of us were extremely uncomfortable that afternoon. All of us felt so warm that the two of us had to split our stargazing short which was a real bummer. I don’t prefer having to split our quality time short, especially since he’s a lot older now plus I honestly worry about her health.

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