It’s been a long time since it’s been so hot.

Our normal June temperatures are in the upper seventies and low eighties.

June is almost here, but the two of us have had 2 low-level heat waves already. All of us sometimes see a temperature that gets to ninety while in June, but not temperatures in the low nineties for days at a time. It’s not love the two of us have broken any records as far as heat in June, but I’m getting older and I don’t deal with it as well. When our central air conditioning broke down, it was even worse. The temperature was 103 and I could hear the air conditioning unit working. I thought the A/C unit was just having a taxing time keeping up with the outside temperature. The temperature in the house was going up as abruptly as it was going up outside. That’s when I realized there was no sound coming from the air conditioning unit. I abruptly called the Heating and Air Conditioning company and told them I had an emergency. The harried receptionist quipped that I was one in over thirty people who needed help with their air conditioning and thought it was an emergency. I felt exhausting for the receptionist, but I still needed to get some help. She told myself and others she would try to fit myself and others in the next afternoon, but she couldn’t guarantee it. She told myself and others that the heat wave was supposed to end this month and it was only going to be eighty. At least I had some good news, even though I still had to go without A/C for the next twenty-multiple hours. I called my brother and asked if I could stay with him for the night.


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