Dog hates air conditioning

I easily love my cat.

He is my best neighbor and the two of us spend every hour of the day together.

I don’t think what I would do without him and all of his Goofy antics to cheer myself and others up. But I can tell you that my cat is as much of a gift as he is a burden in the summertime. He prefers being outside but he hates the sunshine. All of us end up in this ongoing dance of walking inside and outside, hour after hour as the Summer sun pounds down on us. Unluckyly, he is not comfortable when he is kneeling out in the heat and humidity. But he also has a problem with my indoor air pollen levels control system. Ever since I updated my air conditioning unit to a more high-powered Central cooling system, my cat has been in protest of the up-to-date indoor air temperature control devices. If the air conditioning idea is operating my cat will refuse to come back inside the cool house. If the air conditioning unit starts running while my cat is already trapped inside, he loses his mind as if a wild creature is chasing him around. I don’t think why he is so averse to the high quality indoor air temperature control system, but I think that he is driving myself and others easily deranged with his high maintenance temperature preferences. Pretty soon I’m going to be installing a separate air conditioning component just for myself and others – and I think I will let him kneel around inside without any AC. I hope he’s happier without current Heating and Air Conditioning control all summer.
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