I thought the two of us were leaving, changed thermostat

I dislike when plans change! I am not a adjustable person and I’ll never pretend to be. The truth is… I’m rigid, I’m anxious, and I’m taxing to deal with most of the time. I think it, and my spouse does too. Thank god he accepts myself and others for who I am, because I sure bring a lot of difficulties to the table when my nerves take over. For instance, when the two of us were preparing for our huge vacation last week. I was so overwrought with emotions that I couldn’t stop preparing for the trip, even when the two of us had days to go. I found myself standing at the thermostat one day, substantial all the temperature control buttons and trying to make the indoor air pollen levels control program perfect, of course, my partner had a lot to say about my thermostat Obsession! He was certain that I would be able to manage the indoor air temperature change before the two of us walked out the door. However, I needed to alter the heating and cooling settings immediately before my brain could release the indoor air temperature control task. I finally got the thermostat programming exactly right and the two of us settled down for bed! Unluckyly, a few days later when our car broke down and our trip got cancelled I completely forgot about all of the thermostat alterations. Two weeks later my partner had a good laugh when I finally realized why I was so uncomfortable in my house. I had turned down the A/C to the lowest setting possible, and never remembered to change the thermostat back.
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