The weather forecaster was bragging about not having AC.

Both of us have the worst weather forecaster I have ever seen. She is a real jerk, & all the people seems to enjoy him. She makes a lot of people laugh, although I find him to be a boor. She was talking about the upcoming heat wave. Her first statement was that if people are like him, she doesn’t need any of that unnatural air conditioner. They should get out in the heat & humidity & embrace it. She didn’t have air conditioner & she wouldn’t get central air conditioner. I did laugh when she later said that if it wasn’t for her wifey & kids yelling about the heat all the time, she wouldn’t even have a window air conditioner unit. Last year she was talking about her child coming home from college. She had a window air conditioner unit in her home office. She left to go out with friends & the air conditioner was still running. Apparently she asked her why she left the AC unit running & wasted her money. She provided him twenty dollars & told him that she didn’t want to come back to a home office that was so hot you could pass out from opening the door. She called her child a drama queen & went on with the weather forecast. I couldn’t suppose she would criticize her child on television, but then she did the same thing with her wifey. I wonder how they are able to stay together long enough to have children who are in college. I would have divorced the boorish oaf years ago.


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