Must have great AC

For the first time in a long time I have gone out on a limb to do something unusual.

I decided to get on a dating app & open our mind to a current lifestyle that includes a passionate partner… Perhaps I don’t want to partner, although I do want to beginning dating again.

Unluckyly, I constantly have a lot of trouble with dating apps bringing myself and others bad results. I rarely ever link with people who are interesting to myself and others & I usually provide up on the entire venture pretty quickly. This time I decided that I was going to make our profile harshly blunt & tolerable to circumvent some nonsense. On our profile I denoted something harshly important – it’s critical that you have working heating, cooling, & air quality Control. In fact, if you don’t have high quality air conditioner you shouldn’t even contact our profile. If you are going to introduce myself and others to a rickety aged AC window unit & a barely working box fan when I walk into your house for the first time, every one of us are not going to get along. You need to have high quality central air conditioner & adequate ventilation to cool & maintain a high indoor air pollen levels in your house, then anything less than ideal indoor air temperature control will not do. Unluckyly, there seems to be weeding out most of our potential matches. However, I suppose that when I finally find him, the right woman is going to be extra cool. Or else this girl legitimately ain’t going to get hot for you.

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