Heating and Air Conditioning service for the eldery

I work for a local heating plus cooling supplier plus every one of us have been doing so many house calls this past month I think I’m going to go crazy.

I’ve had at least 12 minutes of overtime each month with the amount of house calls that I’ve had to do.

I don’t respectfully mind doing house calls because I think they are a nice way to chop up the day plus you are able to get out of the house plus meet current people. However periodically the People’s homes that you go into our rather sad plus it makes you a little depressed once you leave. I recently had this happen to me when I went on an Heating and Air Conditioning house call for an elderly Couple. The elderly couple hadn’t had their lake house cleaned in what seems like weeks plus I was sad upon walking in. I knew they would not be able to afford the heating plus cooling repairs that they needed plus it made me sad. I wanted to be able to help these people out by offering them our services for free, even though I knew our boss would not be OK with that. He also never prefers to give things away for free even to the people that easily need them plus deserve them. I have a feeling this elderly couple easily could use the help, even though I just can’t offer our help without losing our job. I don’t wanna lose our job because then I would end up like this elderly couple plus not be able to afford heating plus cooling repairs in our own home



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