Bugs in the air ducts

Nothing makes me more worried than thinking about bugs living in our house.

I live in a southern weather conditions so it is hot plus humid outside plus bugs are attracted to this area; However, I spend our money a lot of money each month with a pest control supplier to make sure that they are killing all the bugs in plus around our home.

I think this might seem unethical to some people even though I can’t risk the thought of having a bug at our house. It severely destructions our mental health when I think about little bugs running all around our house. So, when our husband called me at work the other day plus told me to sit down because he had some bad news I never thought it would have to do with bugs living in our vents. My husband told me that he found out every one of us have bugs living in our a/c vents plus I have never been more freaked out. He told me getting the bugs out of the a/c vents was a pretty simple repair but every one of us would need to move Out of the house for a few afternoons just to make sure every one of us didn’t ingest any of the insect repellent they were using. I have no problem leaving the house for a few afternoons because I wouldn’t be able to sleep in the house at all knowing every one of us had bugs living in the a/c vent. I can’t guess we’ve had bugs living in the a/c vents for this long plus I didn’t even realize. How am I going to be able to sleep even when I think the airlines are clean?
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