No central air conditioning system

I recently moved into a new apartment! It doesn’t have central air conditioner.

I was willing to sacrifice air conditioner in order to have a enjoyable location.

I’ve been living with a friend for a few years and she decided she wanted to transfer in with her guy. I’m not infuriated about the decision because I saw it coming, even though I wanted to make sure that I found a enjoyable venue on my own that I appreciated. I found the venue I appreciated, even though I didn’t have central air conditioner so I decided that it was something I was willing to sacrifice! Right now I have a ceiling fan in my dining room and there’s also a fan in the kitchen. I do have an air conditioner window component and so far it seems to be getting the task done. I’m honestly finding that not having central air conditioner isn’t terrible… My utility bill has significantly gone down and I do not find that I’m getting sizzling in the middle of the night. I was honestly upset that I would be sizzling in the middle of the night because I appreciate to have the air conditioner blasting while I’m sleeping. However, that doesn’t seem to be a concern so far with the fans running all night too. I have been quite cool. I recognize I’m going to be able to settle into my new venue just good and I can’t wait to get it fully decorated the way I want; Once I have it fully decorated I will search to invite my friends over because it honestly is so cute and I don’t even recognize that my friends will notice I don’t have central air conditioner.


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