Dating someone that doesn’t guess in electricity

So my long-term boyfriend plus I recently broke up.

All of us were talking for about 10 years plus I certainly thought he was going to be the 1 I was going to marry.

The break up was certainly tough for me but it didn’t seem adore he was having a hard time at all… So I decided I needed to get back out there plus go on a few dates just to make myself believe better about the whole situation… Guy on a dating app plus everything seemed good so far but turns out he was a little weird. I ended up going over to his house 1 evening after day plus the air conditioner wasn’t on, I didn’t guess that was so weird at first but after that I observed that the lights weren’t on either. I started to get worried that I was on a date with a homeless person. However, after I l gained more about this person I realized I was dating someone that didn’t guess in electricity. He didn’t guess that having an HVAC system was nice for the environment plus told me that Growing up he didn’t have an HVAC system either. I believe his parents didn’t guess in electricity either plus that’s why he thinks this way. I certainly hope that this guy realizes that having an HVAC system certainly changes your life because air-conditioning is a necessity when you live in a southern part of the country adore all of us do. I saw that he had a few things around the house, but that’s not going to help him in the Summer months! You certainly need air-conditioning down here.


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