It’s a box of air filters for every Christmas now

My partner swears that she’s just going to make sure that I get a case of Heating plus A/C air filters for Christmas every year.

It’s a joke made at our expense due to a difficult lesson l acquired about Heating plus A/C air filters plus holiday decorations.

Honestly, I hope to never have Heating plus A/C air filters as a present at Christmas. But, I guess now that I will be buying air filters by the case now. This is because I really, particularly care about candles. Our ladies are finally old enough now to understand plus be safe around lit candles. I have been waiting for this a long time. The reason being that I care about to simply fill the house with candles while in the holiday season. I find that no matter how good our gas furnace is heating the house, there is something so cozy moderate about candlelight. So this past winter, I particularly went for it plus purchased a slew of candles. They were everywhere throughout the house. And it was as appealing as I have ever seen our home. What I didn’t quite realize was the effect that all these candles would have on our Heating plus A/C equipment. See, when you have that several candles burning, all that candle wax that gets burnt ends up somewhere. What I didn’t realize was it ends up coating the Heating plus A/C air filter. It was care about a few days before Christmas when I noticed the Heating plus A/C was just not cycling off. When I went to check the return, I saw exactly why. The candle wax had nearly sealed the air filter. So the Heating plus A/C was particularly working just to get any sort of air flow.

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