From mild winter to broiling summer with HVAC

But we are lucky to have the HVAC heat pump on our side.

This is about the time of year when I really start missing the winter. And no, it’s not because I miss the snow or I’m super into sub freezing temperatures. In fact, freezing temperatures are a rare occurrence for us. Yet, there are are a couple of times where the plants have to be brought in for fear of frost. But our HVAC heat pump rarely even cycles on that much during the winter. And this is exactly why I just love the winter here. The skies are blue, the daytime temperatures are excellent and life is good. But like everything else, it doesn’t last. By March, the air conditioning is cycling on a bit during the day. Then we get to where we are now and my wistful thoughts of winter temperatures. We are on the cusp of summer. The heat is settling in now and we are in for about four months of a blast furnace. Of course, the air conditioning is our saving grace for the summer heat. Without a healthy dose of HVAC cooling, the depths of summer would be very, very hard to manage. But we are lucky to have the HVAC heat pump on our side. See this versatile piece of HVAC technology allows us to have one piece of HVAC equipment for all of our heating and cooling needs. So once the summer is over, the thermostat will still be on cooling until November. And then, all I have to do is flip the thermostat over to heating and the heat pump takes care of the rest.

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