Investing in the efficiency and life of my HVAC equipment

I don’t ascribe to the everything is disposable sort of culture that I often witness seeing on display just about anywhere.

At the same time, I’m all about making sure that I have quality stuff that stands up over time.

For me, I would much rather pay a bit extra for quality than not. Quality normally means better design and longer life. That’s exactly what I want out of my HVAC equipment. When I replaced my heating and cooling equipment several years ago, I saved and went with top of the line HVAC equipment. I live in a region where the heat and humidity are the big deal when it comes to climate and temperature challenges. That means we mostly rely on the heat pump to provide that air conditioning we so desperately need for the heat. But there are all manner of models, styles and levels of heat pumps. I wanted to be sure that I focused on reliability, quality design and efficiency. The heat pump I bought more than met that criteria. However, it doesn’t just stop there either. Having a good HVAC service plan is also such an important part of having great HVAC equipment. One has to be sure that HVAC maintenance is consistent over the life of the HVAC equipment. With my HVAC service plan, the HVAC technician comes out twice a year. There is the heating maintenance in the fall and the air conditioner tune-up in the spring. This keeps my heating and cooling system working at its best while protecting and extending the life of my heat pump.

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