I couldn’t crank my A/C at home like how I did on vacation

When I went on vacation with my wife, we went to a nice island resort.

The hotel was looking great and the views were looking better.

My wife couldn’t wait to get out on the beach but I wanted to enjoy the air conditioning for a minute. They had an interesting HVAC component in the hotel room. The unit was far up close to the ceiling and I was wondering how in the world I was going to adjust the temperature control settings. Then I read this little note that said voice control was activated and it said I simply had to tell the thermostat what I wanted the temperature control settings to be. If that wasn’t enough, there was also a remote there on the desk and I could easily use that. Furthermore, the HVAC system also has access to a smart app, so I could also hook up my phone to the smart app. Before we went anywhere, I decided to do just that and suddenly I had full access to the temperature control settings on my phone. I tell you, it was something new to me and I was really excited about it. I actually wanted to mess around with the thermostat more than I wanted to go to the beach, but we ended up going out there to get some drinks and relax. We found a nice spot under some palm trees and we had an excellent view of all the activities going on the beach. There were people swimming, surfing, and even boogie boarding. I decided to rent a boogie board and went out there to catch some waves myself. It was a really great time, but it was so much nicer when we got back to our hotel room. I loved the powerful cooling in there and I wished I could crank my A/C like that back at home.


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