Good thing we got a second opinion about our HVAC system

When an HVAC technician told my wife that we needed to upgrade our HVAC system, I was in disbelief.

I figured all we needed was a good HVAC tune-up before the winter season, but the HVAC worker was trying to tell my wife that we probably wouldn’t make it through the winter without going for a heating system upgrade.

Our HVAC was only 11 years old and I knew that we could get a few more years. The HVAC system wasn’t struggling or showing any signs that it actually needed to be replaced. I thought that going for an upgrade at this time would just be a waste since we would be cutting the use of our HVAC system by a good amount. The energy bills weren’t even out of control as we always keep our home sealed up tightly so we don’t let A/C or heating escape from the house. I decided to tell my wife that we needed a second opinion and so I asked around. I ended up having an HVAC professional come out from another company and he had a look at everything. He said that a good tune-up would get us through the winter just fine. He laughed when we told him about the other HVAC professional telling us we needed to get an upgrade. He then became serious and asked what HVAC company the guy came from. As soon as he heard, he said he knew it because they had new management and the owner was kind of greedy. He said he was likely pushing all the HVAC technicians to sell new HVAC systems to everybody, even though people could get more use out of their HVAC systems.


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