Glad the HVAC professional told me about ductless HVAC systems

It wasn’t even that long ago when I had an HVAC professional at my house telling me about how amazing ductless mini splits are.

I had never heard about ductless HVAC systems, and he brought them up when he was looking at my ductwork system.

He ended up finding a bunch of holes in my ductwork and said I might have to have a few sections of ductwork replaced along with a ductwork resealing job done. When he was telling me how expensive it would be, I was very concerned. That was until he told me about how amazing ductless HVAC systems are and he said it might be a good idea to just go for an installation like that. Honestly, it would have cost me the same amount of money to get the ductwork system repaired than it cost me to get a whole new ductless mini split installed. They installed multiple zones in my house and now I am able to have customized temperature control settings in different areas of my house. I can’t tell you how much I love it. I love being able to have the A/C cranked up in my bedroom while the rest of the house remains unaffected. This new ductless mini split has been saving me a small fortune on my energy bills. I am so happy that I had that particular HVAC professional come out to my place, otherwise, I might not have heard about ductless HVAC options and I would have been stuck paying to have my ductwork system repaired.

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