Why didn’t we think of radiant heating before we laid the flooring?

The final project in our home was to lay new flooring throughout the entire house.

I had wanted different tiles for each room.

My husband insisted that we use the same flooring for the entire home. I thought it would look odd, but as my husband keeps telling me; I should trust him. The flooring looked amazing. I said something to my husband about the heating and air conditioning. We hadn’t given a lot of thought to the type of HVAC system we were going to have installed. I knew that I wanted radiant heating. Now that we had tiles throughout the house, I knew the floors were going to be cold. With radiant heating, the heat would hit the tiles first. The heat would radiate from the floors up through everything that touched the floors. This would include my feet. When I said something to the HVAC technician about radiant heated flooring, he looked at me. He told me that if they were to install radiant heating now, they would need to pull up every tile and then relay them. That could damage some of our tiles. I didn’t want this and neither did my husband. We opted to have traditional heating and air conditioning installed. We did get to pick out some really cool air vent covers that were able to direct where the heat was. Most of ours were set up to direct the heat right across the tiles. It wasn’t radiant heating, but it was close enough. I have fallen in love with our new house and our HVAC system.

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