I loved our cubicle square.

I never expected to make lifelong friends at the workplace.

I especially didn’t expect them to be the same people that I worked the most closely with.

Our company has our work area divided up into the cubicle. There are four desks in each cubicle. Each cubicle has its own thermostat. There are partitions between the desks to afford each worker their own privacy. If we want to talk to each other, we need to stand up and peer over the top of the partitions. This is okay for the other three people, but I am short. I also have control of the thermostat. I was so afraid I was going to have the troubles that some of the other cubicles have. There are constant complaints about how the thermostat is controlled. They sound like children fighting over the playground equipment. Someone doesn’t like it as cool. As soon as the thermostat is clear, they will slip into that work area and change this temperature. This caused a lot of arguments. In our cubicle, we have all decided to work together. If someone has a chill, we will gladly up the temperature on the thermostat for them. If there is a problem with too much heat for someone, I will turn the thermostat down. We all have jackets or sweaters in our area so we never freeze. It has become easy for us to get along with the thermostat and be friends both inside and outside of the work area. I guess for us, the thermostat has helped us to build a good friendship.

a/c workman