He didn’t tell me what I owed him.

I was so excited to finally own a home and live in a neighborhood where the neighbors would actually talk to you. I had been an apartment dweller for five years, and I never met a single neighbor. I couldn’t wait to mingle with the neighbors and find out which bank I should use. I wanted to find out which grocery store had the best prices. I also wanted to find out what HVAC company I should use for my servicing. I talked to Betty who happened to be my next door neighbor and I asked her about the local HVAC company. She told me if she was looking for that, I was in the wrong neighborhood. The closest they had to an HVAC company was Bill, who was a retired HVAC technician. He did all the servicing of the HVAC systems in the neighborhood. She gave me his name and phone number and told me to give him a call. He was at my house within two hours of my calling him. He did a complete inspection of my furnace and air conditioning unit. He even changed the air filters for me. I wanted to find out how much I owed him, but he just said he would catch up with me. I knew I owed him a couple hundred dollars, but he wasn’t worried about the money. I asked Betty what I was supposed to do so I could pay him for the HVAC inspections. She told me she usually paid him for her current HVAC inspection, when he returned to do more work.


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