Our kitchen required an HVAC technician and a contractor.

I am one of those people who enjoys projecting around my home.

I have already built complete rooms onto my house during my vacation, only to turn around and start something else as soon as it was done.

When we moved into this house, my wife and I redid the master bathroom. Even though all the work was done by us, it cost us nearly $10,000. Now we are beginning work in our kitchen. My wife wants the door moved and a wall of windows added where the door was. She wants to have sliding glass doors at the end of the kitchen, that will lead out onto our soon-to-be patio. We want to install granite countertops and recessed lighting above the cabinets. As we looked at the scope of work, we also realized we were going to need to hire a contractor to do most of the work. Along with the major construction in our kitchen, we were going to need to have HVAC installed. There wasn’t any heating or air conditioning in the kitchen. In the summer the kitchen got so hot that my wife didn’t want to cook. In the winter she cooked just to stay warm. We called the HvAC company and asked about having heating and air conditioning installed. He told us that there was no way he could hook the kitchen into the current ductwork, but he did come up with an idea. He said we could have a ductless HVAC system installed, and he knew it would be perfect for our heating and AC problem.



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